48 thoughts on “Sunset over Kvernevik

  1. Reblogged this on Adventure 69°North and commented:

    We have decided to start a photo journal to publish photos from Scandinavian Life & Nature. The journal is here to keep us inspired and help us always keep advancing in the field of photography. The blog will be minimalistic where the photography gets all the focus. Hope to see you there as well.

    Inger & Tor


  2. Hi Inger and Tor, This image is gorgeous. I look forward to many more and I love that you focus on the photos and not long descriptions of the photo. Your brief words let me enter in and allow the image to be described by me. As you know, I just returned from your beautiful part of the world and I look forward to your work.


  3. Inger what a great idea for you to start this blog. Your photos are astounding and I love seeing the engagement and following you have on Instagram. Congratulations and well done!


  4. Your site is wonderful. No need for too many words to get in the way of these incredibly beautiful photographs . Every now and again I discover a blog that is really special. Yours is!


  5. It’s really nordic light! When I see your beautiful pictures I remember my great time when I was travelling through Norway. The landscape is stunning!! Especially the Lofoten seemed so unrealistic to me. Nice blog! Simone


    • Thank you so much Simone! Norway has some amazing scenery – I still have a lot I haven’t seen around the country:) Ahhh… Lofted yes – that is just a magical place. I can understand why you liked it:)


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