63 thoughts on “Ølberg fishing harbour

    • Thank you Maciek! I also found the colour combination to be lovely:) This is usually windy spot (thus the need to make a safe harbour for the fishermen) so getting reflections in the water like we had this day is not very common.

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    • Thanks a bunch Jet! Since we are now ‘one of the locals’ after moving back to Stavanger we have been here several times already for ice cream:) There is a nice sandy beach here as well so the perfect place for an afternoon visit and a stroll.

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  1. Tror det är en av de vackraste foton jag har sett. Fantastisk spegling och molnen gör bilden så ljus. Och alla de glada färger. Otroligt vackert! Stunning, amazing, gorgeous och fantastiskt!! 😉
    Ha det gott, Inger!


        • Yes, I think you should Randall:) I can just imagine how beautiful it would look through you lens. This summer we are travelling as far north as 71 degrees, hopefully some photos from far above the arctic circle will convince you to put Norway on your travel itinerary one day.


          • Great ~ I very much look forward to your photos & post, and I do know around January I’ll be in position where I could consider such a trip…but it’ll be might dark and cold up there at the time ☃️ 🙂


            • I would hate discouraging visiting any time of year, but instead let me gently advise to maybe consider postponing a couple of months:) Winter is beautiful, but march-aril is the best time for northern Norway in my opinion. In January the sun is still below the horizon for large parts of the day so it can feel quite dark – but on the other hand maybe also exotic if one hasn’t experienced it before. And a good time for seeing the northern light:)


              • Hmmm, maybe in January and then again in April 🙂 That would be just about perfect… I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, and I really should (either in Northern Europe or Alaska/Canada). Thank you very much for the advice ~ and I think you are correct 🙂


    • You are absolutely correct that øl is the norwegian word for beer. (Oil = olje) You made me curious so I had to do some research on the name Ølberg. It is believed that the name comes from a old Norwegian and was once called “ylbør”. According to the local historical society “Yl” means stripes and “bør” means rock. So ‘rocks with stripes’? There is a lot of rocks around the harbour that are sort of layered and I guess the different layers looks like stripes so it does make sense. So Steve, unfortunately no beer:)


    • Much appreciated Emilio! It was actually a pretty warm day, but after your comment I had to look at the photo again and I agree it does have a cold look. Not sure why, I didn’t do anything to the white balance on it, so guess it is just how the camera captured it this day:)

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