10 thoughts on “Cormorants at Hornøya

    • Thank you so much Marylou! Amazing to be able to get so close to the cormorants without them being disturbed. Visiting Hornøya was a lovely experience, I think I will have to go back next year when the puffins are still there.


  1. Loveit, Inger. The birds around here are much more skittish and will not pose so nicely no matter how much I beg. So I have no images of birds. But I keep trying! 🙂

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    • Much appreciated Emilio! This photo is taken on Hornøy, which is an island with over 100.000 birds. As a result a lot of bird enthusiasts visit the island frequently and as a result you can get a bit closer to the birds here then other locations.

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    • Thank you Spencer! The detail in the feather is beautiful on this bird – unfortunately you have to get pretty close to see it. Hornøy is perfect for that as these birds are used to bird enthusiasts visiting them every day:)

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