55 thoughts on “Steady as a rock

  1. Fantastic photo, Inger. The various stages of slate here are wonderful, and seeing the standing rock as layers of it, with the sheets of it on the ground is great. The reflection, the reflective man…really great.

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    • Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! I thought this rock formation was so special, I still cannot imagine how it was made and how it has still not been worn down by the harsh weather.


    • Thank you so much, that is much appreciated! I thought the rock formation was so special so I had to get a photos of it. And I was thrilled when I discovered the small pond next to it creating the lovely reflection:)

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    • Thanks a bunch! I agree, the reflection really makes the photo. I was very happy when I found the pond next to this strange rock formation. I have to admit I didn’t get on top of the rock myself, I am not too fond of heights:)


    • Thank you so much Sreejith! I really appreciate the positive feedback:) Yes the title – I was wondering how this rock was able to still be standing in this harsh weathered area and that made me think of this saying ‘Steady as a rock’ 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment Didi! I have to agree with you – there is some amazing wild nature in Scandinavia. All the best to you as well, your visit is much appreciated:)

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  2. So many aspects of this photo that I’m drawn to: the reflection, the horizontal layers against the vertical ones, the sharp blue-greys and cold white snow, and the varying textures from soft clouds to sharp rocks to smooth water. So great “) Also really appreciate how you name the photos followed by a brief line or two – lovely offering of visual art, poetic word, and inspiration. Thank you for all the beauty 🙂


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