steilneset-heksemonument-1-of-1f/22, 0.6 sec, ISO 100

Witches’ Memorial – a memorial for the witchcraft persecutions in Finnmark in the 17th century.

During the period 1600-1692, 91 people were convicted of witchcraft in Finnmark and burned to death at the stake, most of them here in Vardø where the memorial is located.

You can enter the 410-foot-long wooden structure.  Inside it is dark, only lit up by small light bulbs hanging from the roof. Each light bulb commemorating a convicted person.

On the walls are short texts about the trial and execution for each of the persons convicted for magic, or witchcraft.

77 thoughts on “Magic

    • Thank you so much Pete! We had good luck with weather and were able to catch the golden hour.
      The stories you can read about the witches really makes an impression. A monument well worth a visit.

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    • Takk så mye! Jeg var heller ikke klart over at dette minnesmerke fantes før vi besøkte Vardø. Det gjorde inntrykk og lese alle historiene om heksene og hvordan de ble dømt for ‘hekserier’. Vel verdt et besøk!

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  2. Was this persecution part of the Catholic Inquisition? I didn’t realise this happened in Scandinavia – and why particularly this are. Lovely photograph as testament.


    • Oh…here my poor history knowledge might reveal itself, Chris – but from my understanding the witch hunt processes wasn’t caused by the Catholic Inquisition.


    • Thank you so much Jean! I was not sure what was happening, but it had to be something going on because my stats were peaking to new levels:)

      This particular photo is from Norway, but the ‘witch hunt’ happened all over Europe around year 1600, Finland included. The sad part however is that processes that can remind of these cruel persecutions exist in some countries today…


  3. The picture and text are both amazing. It’s rare when an image of such beauty is accompanied by a knowledge of history. Thank you!


      • I’ve a sense of what you mean from other experiences I’ve had. The full spectrum of emotions, from elated joy to the sharpness of grief, is so entirely human; needed so we can appreciate the whole (though I always prefer to be in the happy, I won’t lie).


  4. Inger … you’ve created magic here yourself. A magnificent and moving photographic image combined with an intriguing bit of history .. the combination of art and story is “spellbinding.” Thank you for your recent visit. Best regards, Lois Bryan

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  5. It seems you maybe spend a lot of time around Finnmark? Have you been to Hornøya? I went in 2013 and I am looking forward to returning sometime soon. I have visited this memorial you have captured here, very crazy history in that remote area of Nord Norge.


    • Yes I am originally from Finnmark so have spent quite some time there, but mostly the western part. We went to Hornøya last summer, such a great experience. 4 eagles flying above us. Unfortunately we were a bit late in the season so all the puffins had left, so I guess we also have to go back one day:)


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