37 thoughts on “Arctic Tundra

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        • San Francisco area is not bad at all. Been to the city itself twice, or maybe it is three times now? A lovely city! Last time we drove from SF down to Santa Cruz along the coastal road and it was gorgeous!

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          • =)! I live outside of SF, but not far! I actually was just there this morning visiting friends. And I love the coast here; a little more blustery and cold. You and your husband live in Norway, correct? Apologies in advance if I got that wrong “) This just from perusing your blog, but I know that you travel a lot! Is wonderful. It keeps our minds and hearts open:)

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              • “)) I’ve only been to Vancouver and Victoria, but both were splendid. Especially loved Vancouver! And I just had a client of mine visit Norway last summer and raved about it. Looking forward to more of your photos and stories, Inger – also helping to keep my mind open :))

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    • Thank you so much Ronald! I agree with you about the tree in the middle, I think it helps convey depth and size of the landscape. Without it the picture might have felt a bit more ‘flat’?


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