39 thoughts on “Keep running

    • Thank you Anna! How awesome to have visitors from Holland on my blog:) It would be awesome to go Alaska once during Iditarod, I am sure there is a lot going on when the race is. And thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment!


  1. I love Skandinavia, specially Sweden, where we are in our Sommarstyga every year. Beautiful pictures and landscape! I wonder if the dogs also are so glad with running? Their tongues are hanging out! Nothing for me! I love animals and don’t want to have them work for us. Obviously you will have another opinion! . Häsningar fran Österrike! 🐝 Helgabiene

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    • Thank you so much Helgabiene! Sommerstyga in Sweden sounds so lovely! We used to go south to Bottenvika during summer when I was a kid. So I have fond memories of summers in Sweden as well. Anyways – back to the dogs! These dogs LOVE running, you see it when they are on the starting line. They are jumping and barking because they have to wait for the start signal before they can start running:)

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