A crack in the clouds

Jæren Rogaland Dramatic Clouds

f/11, 1/320 sec, ISO 280

For a few minutes a dramatic dark cloud passed by while the sun was still shining through a few cracks.

It was a delightful Surprise to discover how great the combination turned out.

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40 thoughts on “A crack in the clouds

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  2. Love how many of your photos have a subtle, artistic, monochromatic look, but yet there’s still great variation within. It’s lovely “)) Especially like how dark the clouds are on the R versus the burst of sun on the L, and the small bright speck of a pink shirt in the background compared to the larger shade of violet in the whole. Great =))!


    • Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment Lara! We normally go out when the weather is nice to capture photos – but you can really get some dramatic effects if you do the opposite – go out when the weather is a bit unpredictable:)

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      • I can imagine =)! It’s raining here this morning; clouds just gathered and now it’s dark. With all the micro climates around the SF Bay Area, weather changes often during the day, and I love to watch the cloud patterns. It changes the light in so many beautiful increments! And then the appearance of all you see. So it’s good you both have some all-weather gear ; p Imagine you’ve got much more intense weather patterns where you live!


          • Is this where you’re from, or where you landed, so to speak “)? It looks beautiful, but definitely would think it’s very rugged. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area; born and raised. I moved away for many years and returned a few years ago 🙂 There are definite seasons here (and lots of micro climates), but it doesn’t snow. It can rain/storm to flooding and reach well over 100 degrees in summer for a few days.


            • This photo is from one of the beaches along Jæren, south of Stavanger. I moved here after my studies, so I guess you can say this is where I landed:) Weather changes fast here, but the changes are probably not extreme as you might experience around the SF bay area. Temperature is fairly constant here and so is the rain – a fairly wet climate especially during winter. What made you decide to move back to SF? 🙂

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              • I love rain “)) It’s a small part of why I returned to the SF Bay Area, actually. I left when I was 18 for college and meant to return right after graduating. But I stayed in San Diego several years ( I went to UCSD) as I had work, friends, a life, etc. Moving back to here was hard since I’ve many friends I love in SD, but we’re in contact “) and it’s not so far. Work opportunities drew me back here, and I do prefer the cultural climate, the weather, and the geography. So nice you’ve fairly even temps there! I’m not fond of huge swings ; p


    • Thank you so much, I appreciate the lovely comment! 🙂 I thought adding a person to the photo helps display the wide open space the beaches represent here in Jæren. Thanks a lot for visiting:)

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  3. My goodness!! Somehow I unfollowed your blog. 😦 Not cool to have missed so many amazing posts!! It shall not happen again! By the way, my happy place is the shore. Have a great week!


  4. Hello Inger, thanks for visiting my blog and to like! You’ve amazing photos! Astonishing! In contrast my pictures who are dissapear into nothing. I want say to you: “keep it up the great work!”
    Best regards, Heidi


    • Thank you so much for the generous comment Heidi! I really appreciate the comment – and thank you so much for the visit back. From the slide show on your blog it seems like you have a lot of great photos:) I was however not able to make it from the first page as I don’t find any links to the blog posts from there – but maybe you only have the first intro page? 🙂


      • Hello Inger, there are more blog posts on my site. You can find the links at the top right of the first (home) page. Always welcome 🙂 I enjoy your photos!
        Best regards, Heidi


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