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  1. God, beautiful – reminds me of the coast here in early morning, with a little fog possibly rolling in. I really like the rough, natural texture of the rocks and grass in forefront juxtaposed with the straight, clean, human made planes of the building. What first drew my eye with this photo is how that fence line on the right interplays with the clouds and islands (are they islands?) on the horizon. Really cool!

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    • Thank you so much the the reflective comment Lara! The coast with a little fog rolling sounds beautiful. Yes, those are small islands in the back. What you cannot see in the photo is the big open see on the left side – the big North Sea.

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      • It sounds gorgeous – I hope you’ll keep taking pics of! I feel like I’m traveling somewhat in your area every time! Love the rugged beauty and how you frame and present it. Thank you, Inger =)!


    • Thank you so much! This little house is just next to a small light house (check out my latest post to see if from a different angle) so I bet it was the keeper of the lighthouse who originally used it. Now the lighthouse is automated and this house is no longer used.

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  2. This is awesome! You do such beautiful work. I’m especially fond of the Northern Lights and have published three books about the Arctic and use Aurorawolf as an I.D. online. I love everything connected to the arts — painting, photography, writing, etc. You might say I’m a color freak! Keep the great work coming. 😉


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    On Sun, Apr 23, 2017 at 9:11 AM, The Nordic Light wrote:

    > Inger posted: ” f/22, 6 sec, ISO 100 Sky above, Earth below, Peace within. > ” >


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