35 thoughts on “Old boat shed

  1. So pretty, Inger! I’ve noticed a lot of red buildings or use of red paint on several structures in your ocean photos. Is because these buildings are from the same era with a common use of that color, or is the color more commonly used in your area period? Just curious “) It definitely stands out – love it against the blue sky, the water, and the bright green grass!

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    • Thank you so much Lara! I haven’t reflected over that before, but you are right. Very often the boat houses and sheds are coloured red around here. You got me curious so I had to google it:) Turns out the red colour was one of the cheapest ones and therefore also normal to use on boat houses and such. In the really old days you could make the paint yourself and add iron oxides making the paint red.

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      • So interesting!! I wondered what the reason was – love the stories behind things we “see” everyday ; p Thanks for looking that up and sharing! Was wondering if it was more regional, but sounds like it’s more a result of a certain time period (assuming 1800s?).


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