15 thoughts on “Ayko

    • It’s been a while yes:) We got a puppy – and I soon after realised I had no more spare time… Definitely doesn’t get boring having a dog, and ours is full of energy! 🙂 How have you been?

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        • Twins? How amazing – congrats! That is great news to learn – double happiness:) Are there photos of the cuties on your page? We are back in Norway again. Lovely to be back – but also miss some parts of life abroad:)

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          • No photos published on my blog, but I’ve written about them quite a lot. My blog doesn’t feel like a travel blog anymore and I kind of lost direction. The boys are definitely cuties, very sweet and loving too. 💕💕 Double happiness and also double trouble! 😂 Happy to see you back here in the blogosphere


  1. So cute! And still a great shot artistically ; p Love the light in the photo. – Have missed seeing your work/posts, Inger! Really glad to see a post from you! Hope you and yours are well and that the posts will resume as you’re able =) Lara


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